The 8 Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Made Everyday | Daily Beauty

After a terrible few instances of ‘hyperseborrhea’, which is essentially, using too much of a product on your skin that makes the oil (the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum) go into overdrive and end up making too much of the oil that it starts to harm your skin. I read up extensively about what you’re supposed to use- how- and a few tricks to go about managing the quantity of your daily beauty products. 

The Mistress Of Spices | Coco Mademoiselle EDP by Chanel: Review

I saw the EDP first in Sydney but got mine from Paris. Now I feel there’s a slight alteration of the intensity of the fragrance based on where you buy it from. Australian preferences are like American fragrance preferences, they like fresh, citrusy odours, Europe however is stronger, more intense, muskier or floral. India is milder, probably because of the climate. But depending on what you like, you can pick where you order your fragrance from.