Ombre Lips This Season? | L’Oreal Paris Tint Caresse: Review

The new thing on the block after matte lips, satin lips, velvet lips (that’s still quite here) is ombre lips.

Ombre lips essentially mean two distinct colours on your lips with a inter-blended boundary. Now, the trick to do that, is to not use two lipsticks of the same texture- don’t do matte + matte or creamy + creamy or powdery + powdery ( if you get the drift) to achieve the ombre look. Mix between the textures so that blending is easier.


Broadly I use two colours that aren’t quite like each other and use the lighter one as the base and paint all my lips with that and use the darker shade to create volume from the inside to the outside.

The product that’s helped best to achieve this look is the L’Oreal Paris Tint Caresse. Since my collection consists mostly of nude cream based shades, I picked up the ‘Orchid Blossom’ shade. 

It’s a very sleek, neatly packaged gold container that also hints ombre on the lipstick case. I really like the feel of the lipstick (yes, without having opened it).

Inside, you have to roll out the applicator, that’s a bud-wand like thing. And inside the lid of the container, you see your colour.

The colour is basically a powdery textured colour that creates a great ombre look with both a matte and creamy lipstick shade.

Texture: The texture is powder cum creamy matte. The great bit about this, is that it combines to form ombre with any other lipstick variant very easily and it doesn’t fall flat on the lips like matte shades. This texture retains its sheen.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 12.34.04 (1)

Colour: The colours in the L’Oreal Paris Tint Caresse are all ones that pop. The good bit about these colours is that they combine well with whatever you mix them with to form a distinguishable ombre.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 12.34.05 (1)

Rating: Overall, I’m really happy with the way I’ve managed a subtle, yet slightly obvious ombre lip. And I’m quite happy with the shade and I’ve even used it as a standalone shade on all of my lips. So, I’d rate it a 4.5/5

Price: It originally retails for INR 1050, on Nykaa it’s currently at INR 840. Buy it here.

And that’s my stint with subtle nude + pink ombre 😀

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-20 at 12.34.05



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  1. Hombre lips look great on you! Definitely something I have to muster up the courage to try!

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    1. Yes! You totally should 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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