Frizzy Hair- I care! Serum reviews: L’orèal, Garnier and L’orèal x-tenso

With temperatures soaring, and more humidity in the air than ever, along with massively active sebaceous and sweat glands, what’s also on the rise (literally) is my hair.


Now, I had such straight hair that people mistook my hair to be cosmetically straightened. And now, I’m victim to humidity and yes, (SOB), frizzy hair. Hence, I decided to post about battling humidity and city woes: hair care.

The reason I started to rely on serums was dust and pollution. Going back and worth from home to office made me realise my hair was drying out. Especially at the ends and causing way more split ends than usual.

The scientific reason to that is, the roots of your hair continue to get all sorts of nourishment from the scalp but the rest of the hair strand slowly deteriorates and needs some extra protection from the environment, hence, steps in the need for a good conditioner  and a well-functioning serum.

Here are a few tips on battling hair damage and frizz:

  1. Shampoo everyday or every alternate day with a mild shampoo
  2. Oil once or twice a week
  3. I use two conditioners, a thick one and a targeted one for extra softness
  4. When I’m stepping out in the sun, I apply one-two coats of serum
  5. TIP: When there’s sun + dust + pollution, I hack my way around life and mix handcream and water and apply it to the tips of my hair- that’s super effective for frizz

Now talking about serums, I’ve broadly tried 4-5 of them, from Toni and Guy, to two versions of L’oreal, Garnier and L’oreal X-tenso. Here, I speak about L’oreal, Garnier and L’oreal X-tenso.



They all look and feel the same, they have similar viscosity and purely by what they feel on your hand, you can’t tell the difference


While L’oreal reminds me of what the shampoo smells like and it also fades fairly quickly, Garnier has a fruity smell about it which lasts me about 4 hours on a hot day and L’oreal X-tenso smells like a salon- the smell pretty much fades away in an hour of application


While L’oreal is good for saving your drying hair from pollution and dust damage, it cuts down very little frizz and during humidity it seems to not work at all. Garnier, on the other hand settles down my hair and beats some about of environmental damage too. Although, not a lot of it. But it makes my hair smoother and adds slightly to the shine as well. L’oreal X-tenso is pretty much the best of them all and it adds salon like shine, frizz control and makes my hair comb-friendly despite harsh gusts of wind and dust.

Hair Type: 

L’oreal’s serum goes well for thin, straight hair that isn’t subject to a lot of frizz. It’s good for keeping damage at bay. (Read: dust, sun and pollution) and it’s really effective for very thick hair and a lot of humidity.

Garnier’s serum is effective if you need a gloss to your hair and moderate protection from everyday damage.

L’oreal’s X-tenso is great for salon elements’ protection- frequent hair dries, a lot of outside travel mixed with humidity


Buy L’oreal’s serum for INR 155 ,Garnier INR 230 for and L’oreal X-tenso for INR 600

Overall Rating: 

I’d rate L’oreal’s serum 2/5 ,Garnier 3/5 and L’oreal X-tenso 4.5/5


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  1. Sonal says:

    Following your blog for new trysts 😛 🙂 especially with my hair 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwieee, thank youuu! Looking forward to not disappointing!


  2. Omg Frizz is the worst! Definitely going to try one of these when I have to battle the humidity!


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