Smokey Eye Hacks: Eyeshadow Pencils TheBalm’s Batter Up, Eyeshadow Stick: Review

For every time I sat in front of my dresser, with YouTube open trying to spread my eyelid skin all the way to the Arctic circle and stick my tongue out and with a whole lot of precision, try and draw on my eye liner, or put my eyeshadow evenly- my parents (and now my husband) get subjected to a volley of helpless abuses.

Yes, I’m the Muggle of eye makeup, I can never get it straight. I struggle with pigmentation, smeared liner, eye-shadow powder on my cheeks, and ALWAYS- differently done eyes. For one, I also struggle with what brushes to use for what (also purely on my eyes) because thanks to the WIDE range that MAC released and makeup-nazis like me bought, I can’t figure head or tail out of what goes where.

So a blessing in disguise, was TheBalm’s ‘Batter Up’- Eyeshadow pencils, that make doing up eyes a whole lot easier.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-18 at 11.47.19

Since I was into smokey eyes, because they work for heavier eyelids and a clear skin-tone, I bought a glitter-black and a glitter-bronze. The black pencil is called ‘Night Game’ and the brown one is ‘Dugout’. They’re both brilliant shades and really smooth on the eyes with just-right colours for the perfect smokey eye.

Have a look!

Directions of use: 

  1. I’d always use anything on my eyes after an eye primer or a MAC paint-pot base because that just adds on the colour and stay of whatever you’re using and prevents the products from chalking and uneven fading
  2. Once the base is done, use whatever colour of the eyeshadow pencil you like
  3. I use two layers of whatever I’m using during the night, and one layer during the evening/ day
  4. Make sure you even it out with any eye brush- even the slanted eyeshadow ones work here
  5. What works for me is, using a liner on top of the eyeshadow pencil and also darkening my eyebrows slightly for a holistic smokey eyed look

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-18 at 11.47.20 (1)

Here are a few swatches of the products:

This is what a single stroke of the eye pencil looks like

(L-R, Night Game and Dugout)

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-18 at 11.47.21

Double strokes of both pencils

(L-R, Night Game and Dugout)

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-18 at 11.47.21 (1)


  1. They’re perfect kit substitutes
  2. Really easy to carry about
  3. You don’t need a brush to apply- blending is easy with fingers too
  4. The body of the pencil has its lid in the colour of the eyeshadow so it’s hard to misplace it, in case you have many of them
  5. The pigmentation is brilliant
  6. It lasts me an easy 5 hours without a primer or MAC paint pot base
  7. Colours intra-blend real easy
  8. I ❤ the packaging!


  1. Slightly high priced for a single shade
  2. A lot of quantity depletes upon a single use
  3. It’s got an oily base, which might induce pimples on oily skin

Price: INR 1199 each on Nykaa

Overall rating: 4/5


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