Liquid Encouragement: My Love/ Hate Relationship with Liquid Matte Lipsticks

In 2008, a not so makeup-savvy me encountered my first ever liquid matte lipstick. I don’t recall the brand and it was my Mom’s that she got from Hong Kong. I tried it on just to see how it looked on me and my lips felt like a strange amalgamation of paint and glue was on them.

I believe liquid matte lipsticks have long evolved since 2008 and about 3 years ago, I got my first Stila Liquid lipsticks. I then proceeded to Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie and my latest trials have been Huda Beauty, Chambor, L.A Girl and ColourPop.

Now the thing with these liquid matte lipsticks is that, they promise a lasting stay (think 4 hours, for sure) and that itself rings a couple of warning bells in my head, but since I use only reviewed products on my lips, I cautiously tread towards new brands. Overall, liquid matte lipsticks stay, they have a large width of variants/ colours/ brands and they’re also available across all price ranges. The best bit about them is excellent pigmentation, the worst is, I literally have to pour a dropper full of Rosehip oil on my lips to scrub it off- I don’t know how healthy they’d be for a longer term.

While I review individual pieces in subsequent posts; here are my top brands basis an overall comparison on pigmentation, odour, stay, ease of removal and price.

(The brands below have links attached, for ease 🙂 )

Kylie Cosmetics > Anastasia Beverly Hills > Stila > NYX > Chambor> ColourPop > L.A Girl


To sum up my view, I believe liquid matte lipsticks aren’t my best bet, partly because I have issues with pigment stickiness and also since I have fairly thick lips, they end up looking chapped. Having said that, liquid matte lipsticks suit thin lips more than they suit thick lips and after SO MANY product trials, I’m loyally gravitate back to my old faithful MAC for their matte and creme shades!

PS: I also have a thing for bee-stung lips so I prefer gloss/ NARS and creme shades for a thicker-lipped appearance


  • Long stay
  • Great packaging
  • Ease of carrying
  • Variety of colours
  • Massive price range to take your pick
  • Looks good on a boho/ goth/ hippie outfit


  • Too sticky
  • Doubtful of pigmentation additions
  • Leave lips slightly dark after removal
  • Not very formal
  • Less classy than standard creme/matte lipsticks
  • Harder to contour lips with liquid mattes

Do share views on application/ removal/ better brands- always looking to learn 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I am a fan of the liquid lipsticks. But I totally agree with you. The look you get with the creme shades. cant match it.

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    1. Yup! Me too! Plus I’m really wary of why they stay for so long and whether it’s good for the lips in the longer run. Plus plump lips don’t look too good with pure matte shades

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  2. Shreya says:

    How come no Gerard Cosmetics on the list?
    Also, Colorpop so low on the list? When Colorpop and Kylie have exactly the same composition and are in fact made by the same manufacturer.

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    1. Colourpop’s lipsticks changed color on my lips and I had to scrub them off. I love Kylie’s colors, smells and Gerard Cosmetics, I shall try 🙂


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