The Mask Returns: The Face Shop Masks Review

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have two VERY compelling reasons to try sheet face masks. One, being the fact that I am a fan of Korean beauty products, South-East Asian skin is to die for. And second, summer is ‘ere, I want to be proactive this time and not let my Mum be subject to “By what percentage is my pimple better, Mom?” a couple of million times a day.
I was thrilled to bits when I found Nykaa stocking up on The Face Shop sheet masks.
Tip: They’re on 50% discount, if you buy 10 in a single order. Buy them here.
So I’m left with about 2 from my last order on Nykaa. I’ve used Olive Oil and Mung Bean masks so far. Now, how they’re made is, clear sheets of absorbant fibre are cut in a face shape and drenched in serum and post that, they’re folded and packed in air-tight packages so that the fibre has not only absorbed the serum but also all of the liquid stays put in the package.
Peel off the package, carefully unfold the facemask and place it on your face. Watch your eyes, because the serum burns. I’ve also ingested some by mistake, it’s bitter- but I’m not dead yet. Let it be for about 15 minutes on your skin and once done, I keep it in my fridge and moisten and reuse it. Also, don’t wash your face- pat your skin and massage the remaining oil/ serum in circular motions for best results.
1. They’re DIY face masks, I don’t have to make salon small talk
2. I am an Indian, I make the most of my money and use them again
3. They’re easy on the pocket
4. They REALLY make my skin glow
5. I love Olive Oil and Aloe Vera- they also somewhat make the skin appearance more taut
6. They are light, non-sticky
7. They’re good for all year round use
1. I don’t find the animal printed The Face Shop masks in India 😦
On Nykaa, they’re actually for INR 100 per piece but if you buy 10, you pay only INR 500
4.5/5- I’d highly recommend them!

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  1. Great product review (:

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  2. I’m going to order some for sure! I’ve been meaning to for awhile now 🙂

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    1. Oh yay! then we can be the mask sisters! haha

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