The Mask (Korean Sheet Face Masks) Review:

So it’s March but it feels like June in a toaster in Mumbai at the moment. Which is pretty much an official declaration, that summer is here! (Not a very thrilled one, at that)
So it was time to bring out (read: buy) summer supplies, so that unlike last summer, I wouldn’t get acne on my face and chest.
Around October, my Mum visited Singapore and shopped quite a lot for the girls in our family. One such interesting thing she picked up were one-time use sheet masks. She picked these up from Sephora. They came in various colours which essentially meant they were to be used for different purposes.
They came in packages like this:
And I loved the yellow ‘Ginseng’ one the best, it instantly made my face look brighter and gave a fairly lasting glow.
Post that, I tried long and hard to look for such sheet masks in India however, I couldn’t find any. But by a stroke of luck, my layover at the Singapore Airport gave me a large number of options I could choose from.
I picked up ‘Character Masks with Horse Oil’ by The Face Shop and ‘Placenta Masks’, the Sephora one is still one of those that my Mum got me (I refuse to let go of that one and use it, for memory sake)
And then my go-to comfort app Nykaa released a huge collection of The Face Shop face masks on their platform. Now these face masks are a HUGE Korean beauty thing (same origin as the BB and CC creams) and for sure, they’re something that work for Asian skin at least. Here’s what’s left of my collection:
WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 15.56.25
Since this post doesn’t really review any particular brand, I’d just love to share a few tips for those who’d like to give these a shot.
  • Make sure your face is clean before you apply a face mask
  • Warn your family members to not jump at your sight if you randomly step in someone’s way- this is a SERIOUS rookie mistake
  • I found a way of reusing a sheet face mask- refrigerate the mask as soon as you remove it, for the next time, wet it with water. Even though the package says it’s one time, my Indian soul just doesn’t allow it
  • After I’m done with using the face mask twice, I use it as a tissue to clean my face for a couple days before I sleep, because it has essential oils and various extracts that retain the glow
  • I’ve pretty much let go of facials after I’ve started to use sheet and squeeze masks
  • Make sure you don’t wash your face right after you’re done. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes and massage the oil on your skin after you’ve removed the mask
Tip: I do a weekly routine where I oil my hair, light a candle in my loo, play some good French Jazz, put on a sheet face mask and calm my nerves. Try that, it’s good!
PS: This is what they look like, that’s not me- but my Dad definitely jumped when he caught me walking about like this once.
WhatsApp Image 2017-03-30 at 15.55.44

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  1. These look fun! Great review

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    1. Love your comments! ❤ thank you

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      1. No problem doll ❤


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