Not Just In My Uterus, Also On My Face: Placenta Cream Review

My husband and I went to Australia for our honeymoon and the path we took to land in Melbourne was via Singapore. While the Singapore Airport was an architect’s dream come true, it also housed A LOT of things that massively peaked my curiosity (with the passage of time and posts, you’ll realise that I’m a curious soul :P)
Since I automatically gravitated to every store that sold makeup and I was looking for sheet masks ( I AM A MASSIVE FAN- posts about those coming soon too!) I sat on the floor- being the Indian that I am, and started to browse through their large category of Face-masks. On the next shelf, what caught my eye was a placard that read “Placenta Cream” and below that was a plethora of products ranging from anti-ageing lotions to Face-masks and more.
I knew, being a biology teacher’s kid, that placenta was a fluid that connected the mother with an unborn baby and it’s derived from and around the umblical cord. I *freaked* out, there was no lesser intensity for my reaction!
Since I was on Wi-Fi, I quickly looked up reviews for the Placenta Cream and I was pleasantly surprised. I mustered up the courage eventually and since it had brilliant reviews, I picked up one for myself, and one more my mom from Melbourne.
What I think: 
I think it’s one of the best creams I’ve ever laid my skin on. It’s not greasy, it smells like heaven (it’s got a very non-cosmetic natural odour about it)
Since I tried it on during December sometime and on my whole body, my skin did become much softer than usual and had a dewy texture through most of my pollution laden day.
I also tried it on my face and hands during the summer and it’s supremely non-sticky and very very light.
Over a period of time it’s made my skin feel better (having used it on a standalone basis), it’s much lighter than Palmer’s Cocoa Butter- something I was a large fan of.
Take a tiny dollop of the placenta cream and spread it evenly across your face, try avoiding the T Zone if you have an oily one.
– Soft skin for about 8 hours
– Easy application, it glides on my skin
– It’s very light and non-sticky
– It makes the skin dewy and supple
– In the long run, my skin is softer and my lips have stopped being chapped
– Not tested on animals
– Love love the smell
– It’s a little heavy on the pocket
– It isn’t available in India, I picked mine up from Melbourne
– The variants available in India aren’t half as good
I picked mine up from Melbourne, it was for $30 for a jar, roughly INR 1500 per jar which lasts me about a month and a half
Overall rating: 

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  1. I’m loving your blog! So proud of you for starting this. This product is definitely something I’d want to try one day!

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    1. You were my inspiration! I have you to thank 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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