I, me, my make up

As a quick introduction to my blog theme (yes, another introduction)

My idea of introducing the concept of product trials, that hopefully diversifies into a plethora of other things boils down to my idea of having and maintaining a self-image. Or a more consolidated version of that, a tangible outlet of how you picture yourself in your head.

While I support the other side, the side that’s a staunch proponent of not focussing on outwardly appearance, I’m all out for inner beauty, but I also don’t believe in discounting a healthy skincare regimen, stepping out looking suited for occasions and a not-so-rare splurge spree on another shade of pink! Like your body needs to be fit and healthy, your face needs a shade of (inner and outer) glow too.

Along with all of the above, I’m also against products being tested on animals- rather, on anything that doesn’t consent being tested on. And also on products with paraben in them. Do please shout out to me in case you feel any product is toeing the line.

I seek to create a family here, share looks, ideas, products and more!

Stay tuned, the butterflies (esp the monarch butterflies- haha, see what I did there?) haven’t stopped fluttering in my tummy.

Toodles for now, see you soon!


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